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    i tried to get image resource file for receipt, but it looks like to get the image i have to set a cookie with a key _auth_session_id when sending the request, is there a way to get receipt image without having to set a cookie, or other ways that i can use for mobile app?



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    アバターfreee Developer Community

    Could you want to use “GET /api/1/receipts” or  (ios & android) official mobile apps?

    If you want to use the API.
    That is a REST API so you do not need cookie and you should be used access token.

    アバターfreee Developer Community


    We did use REST API for our mobile apps but the receipt images still not showing.

    image (1).png is the callback we got from REST API. in the “fileSrc” if we didn’t set the cookie, the receipt images is not showing (image (2).png)

    アバターfreee Developer Community

    I see!
    We must be logged in to view images.
    So, you need to open the fileSrc in browser.
    I think the browser can be standard or webview.